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Sketchbook Sunday #2

Welcome to my second weekly round-up of what I’ve done recently!

On Monday I hiked out to Lodge Lake at Snoqualmie Pass with my dear friend Kendall. The trail starts right at the West Summit of Snoqualmie’s ski resort and follows the Pacific Crest Trail underneath the ski lifts and down the other side of the mountain. We sat for almost two hours and did some painting of the perfectly still lake, and watched dragonflies and water bugs eating all of the mosquitos. I love a hike that ends with no bug bites!

Wednesday, I painted the sketch I did at Washington Pass last weekend. I think I love this one!

On Thursday I revisited St. Edward State Park with a friend, and while I didn’t do any sketching, I scouted out some scenes that I knew I would come back to capture, probably next week. This park is SO close to my house, it doesn’t make sense that I don’t come here more often! What a gem.

I also photographed a bunch of paintings that I’ve done in the last couple of years, that don’t fit in the scanner. Those are now in the portfolio, so check them out!

Okay, on Friday I went back to St. Edward and did a quick breakfast hike and paint.

What a week! It was a great time to be outside, and I look forward to doing more hiking and painting for the rest of the month before the fall weather sets in!

Bonus Daphne! See you next week!

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