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Sketchbook Sunday #3

I think we all know by now how bad I am at actually posting here on my blog. So I’m going to try to change that by actually posting every now and then. Maybe that will help? We’ll see.

Anyway, I wanted to share some sketches that aren’t part of #the100daysofmornings, since those will be part of another post soon, in about 10 days or so! These are just a random smattering of things that I don’t want to post in my shop or portfolio, but still would like to share somewhere other than Instagram or Twitter, and maybe this will actually soon be a weekly roundup of my sketches!

I picked up acrylic paint for the first time in many many years at the very start of this year and had a great time painting some tiny canvases! I’ll probably revisit the medium soon. It takes me so long to complete a painting compared to watercolor, but the struggle is kind of fun.

I’ve been painting a lot of animals here and there that aren’t pet portraits. I’ve been enjoying focusing on experimenting with different media and techniques.

And of course, I still paint mushrooms and landscapes. I love landscapes. I love mushrooms. I can’t wait to get back outside and paint more of both once it warms up a bit more!

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