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#the100daysofmornings, the second quarter

Hello…. so I am extremely bad at writing blog posts, but I think we all knew that by now. I had a really great time with this quarter of the project, and some of my absolute favorite pieces came out of this one.

One of my favorite parts of this quarter was that I was trying new techniques and acquired a lot of new supplies. I was adding new paint colors in, playing with my bleedproof white gouache, and working with different styles. The 4×6″ watercolor paper block was also extremely useful in allowing me churn out some tiny, beautiful paintings.

So what were your favorite days of this quarter?

Days 26 and 27 are some of my favorite little paintings. I love the limited and striking color palettes I used in them. They were different from my usual go-tos, and I feel like they were really successful pieces.

Day 33 I painted a sunrise view of Cerro Gordo, after becoming obsessed with the Ghost Town Living YouTube channel. I hope one day to hand deliver this painting to the town so it can hang in a place of honor there.

One of the biggest things that happened during this quarter was that we adopted our dog Duffy from the Great Pyrs and Paws Rescue organization. He arrived very early in the morning of day 37 (1:30 am!!), so I sketched him after our very first morning walk with him! My mornings changed very quickly after that. I don’t want to blame him for not sitting down and making art every morning, but… his addition to our household certainly didn’t help. Suddenly I was up and feeding two animals, walking him, and vacuuming an insane amount to keep his hair from piling up in our house. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! He is an awesome dog.

I also really loved the Triceratops skull sketch that I did for day 48. The Museum of Natural Science Houston commented on the instagram post that his name was Lane. I just loved that!

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