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#the100daysofmornings, the third quarter

Welcome to the third quarter of my 100 Day Project! If I had to make a distinction, I would say that this part of the project was where I became less focused on “doing a morning art” every morning and just focused on getting into the flow of things. I started working on some larger pieces and spent multiple days on them. I picked up more new skills, like learning how to apply gold foil to a piece. I spent more time out in nature with my sketchbook.

I also dropped off hard. I think once I hit about day 60, I was no longer posting every day. It’s not that I wasn’t painting and posting on Instagram either, I just fizzled out slightly with my morning work. I was busy working on some larger paintings as well as focusing on getting outside and into nature. By this point, I had made it farther along in the 100 days than I ever had in my previous attempts, so I was feeling pretty satisfied.

Any favorites from this quarter?

Lots! I really love the standalone paintings, like Lake Valhalla from Above (day 61), The Tree of Life (day 62), Headlight Basin (day 63… wow that was a good stretch of days!), and Pink Ladies (day 69). I also got some reeeeally good hiking in by going up to Red Top Lookout (day 71), Cherry Creek Falls (day 72), and Lake Serene (day 73).

I also think there’s something just really charming about the seahorse (day 65) and Pallas’s cat (day 66). They feel very whimsical to me.

Which ones are your favorites? Let me know!

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